Case Study: Battling the detail and overcoming mass confusion to find a path forward.

The Situation:

Four projects had been running separately and a new program director wanted to take a basic project office and transform it to support the $100m+ program.

The steering committee was focused on the next milestone for one business application. The large reporting pack was full of detail but light on transparency about the complexity and interdependencies between the projects and milestones more than a month away.

There was no schedule or program management plan and connections between the 4 projects and fit with business strategy were unclear. The teams were at different stages; testing first release, vendor selection, design and concept. Everyone was working in the dark.

Our Solution:

While the Program Director concentrated on stakeholder communications, my new team created the project management controls and reporting. We built a consolidated schedule, coached the teams, implemented controls such as change management and revamped the steering committee pack to show the interdependences, issues, risks and fit with strategic business objectives.

The Result:

Soon the right conversations between the right people were happening. Program status, team and steering committee meetings were talking about issues, pre-empting risks and understanding the complexity of the total undertaking.

Battling the detail and overcoming confusion to find a path forward