About Azulin

Azulin was founded to provide an alternative approach to achieving business goals through constructive assessment, intervention and coaching. This independent practice offers a fresh, unbiased view that helps reset for success and improves understanding of risks and capabilities.

As part of the AICD Digital Directors Series, Jan Begg was a panel member for Topic 2 "Effective Governance of your Digital Assets".

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Jan Begg is leading the development of IT governance standards as the chair of

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She is also an advisor to corporations and government.


Our research shows that clear goals, business buy-in, a skilled project team and effective governance lead to success.

Azulin creates quality software systems architectures that satisfy the requirements and deliver value.

We are independent consultants with wide experience in solving people, technical and contractual problems to align with strategic goals and operational budgets.

Practical yet informed by standards and proven frameworks and processes, our advice has been a catalyst for change for our clients.

Azulin undertakes research to identify the key opportunities to improve implementation of strategy, project governance and leadership.