Azulin applies software and systems engineering practices throughout the systems development life cycle. Our capabilities include:

  • Identification of business goals and drivers, formulation of business systems strategies, and alignment of technical architectures.
  • Analysis and management of requirements and their traceability to design elements
  • Definition of significant design criteria and architectural decisions
  • Conceptualisation and visualisation of candidate designs and their prototyping and evaluation to ensure they are fit-for-purpose.
  • Modelling of viewpoints and specification of designs so that they are comprehensible to the relevant stakeholders
  • Analysis and synthesis of applications, interfaces and infrastructures
  • Incorporation by design of quality attributes such as reliability, serviceability, performance and security
  • Testing of systems and certification that they satisfy requirements and conform to design specifications
  • Planning and management of project schedules, costs and risks
  • Governance of IT architecture and design authority